Handmade Crafts And Costume Making

Commission Status: CLOSED

See my Trello page to view available commission slots.


Terms Of Service

Clients can contact me through my Email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Discord accounts. All contact options have a link here on the website.
Please do not contact me using an account that contains lewd or graphic content.

Reference Sheets
I will not accept references of a sexual nature. This includes NSFW or humanoid nudity such as breasts, butts, genitalia, nipples, bulges, or suggestive poses/expressions.) Sending a reference that violates the terms may have you blacklisted depending on the severity.

Shipping is calculated and charged after the commission is complete. A tracking number will be provided. The price of shipping and the time it takes to arrive is out of my control. Buyers are responsible for all postal/customs fees.

Payment and Deadlines
50% of the payment is required before I start working. 30% is required to secure the slot.

Payment plans are available upon request depending on what is being commissioned. I will not accept payment plan requests with more than 4 separate payments. Dates of the payments must be discussed.

The finished product won't be shipped until all debts are paid off by the client. Currently, payments are only accepted through PayPal or bank transfer.
No deadlines. However, if the client has a realistic completion date in mind, I will do my best to complete the commission by then.

Work in progress photos can be requested at any time, and I will get back to the client with current photos as soon as possible. I do my best to give a minimum of weekly updates.

If a minor would like to commission, their parent/guardian must make the order on their behalf and send the payments for them. I will only make paws and tails for people under 13. I will make up to a small partial for people under 18.

Refunds are available but the amount refunded will depend on the amount of work completed. 5% is always non-refundable. after materials have been ordered, a 50% refund is available. After a base has been created and/or fabrics have been cut, a 30% refund is available. After fabric has been sewn and/or glued down a refund is unavailable. The progress and materials will be shipped to you, shipping cost will be subtracted from the amount to be refunded. If the buyer does not want the progress or the materials, they may receive a bigger refund. If I'm uncomfortable continuing work on the project I will contact the client with my concerns, and if the issue can't be resolved I will refund the client.

Allergy Warning
I currently live around a cat and a dog. Everything is washed before being shipped but it is possible that allergens may remain.

What Won't I Make?
I will not make breast padding, muscle padding, genitalia, or pubic hair for a commission.
I do not make fursuits intended for sexual activity. I do not make nipples or udders on fursuits.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Especially for these reasons listed:
-Pedophilia or zoophilia.
-Sexualization of or discrimination against groups of people.
-History of sexual assault or harassment.
-Inappropriate profile picture or account content.
-Disrespectful or rude attitude.
-Using NSFW as a reference.

By commissioning me you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

The password is "DuckSoup".

If you would like a quote or a commission please make the email subject the password or start the direct message with the password.

Fursuit Pricing Guide

For a detailed quote please contact me through email, Instagram, or Twitter. Please read my Terms Of Service before inquiring about a quote or commission.

Currently not accepting quotes or commissions.

Standard Handpaws


big bean bappers




Paw + Tail set




Head only


(Custom currently unavailable)

Small Partial


(Custom currently unavailable)

Full Partial


(Custom currently unavailable)

---Tail Sizing---

Small /Stubby Tail (NOT NUB)
Medium / To Knee
Large / To Ankles
X Large/ Floor Dragger
Nub tails are $30+ but are only available to commission as an add on to other fursuit parts.

Small...Base Price
Medium...Base Price
Large...Add $50
X Large... Add $75+, Varies with desired length.

---Other Details---

Commissions for a fursuit head or partial include 2 fur colors and 1 minky color, besides white and black minky for teeth and gums. All other commission types include 1 fur color and 1 minky color. Additional fabric colors cost extra.

Small Marking...$2 Each
Large Marking...$5 Each
Complex Marking... Get Quote
Extra Fur Color...$30 Each
Extra Minky Color...$15 Each

Add Armsleeves...$70+
Add Magnetic Eyelids...$60
Add Magnetic Eyebrows...$80
Add Zipper Pockets In Ears...$50}
Add Zipper Pocket In Tail...$25